Planet X FX

This is Holland is a ride which uses the latest technology to give you the sensation of flying. You’ll be one of 40 people suspended under a huge domed screen, with your hands and feet dangling freely.

During the almost 9-minute long film that takes you on a breathtaking journey along many beautiful places across the country, your seat will tilt to give you the sensation of flying. With atmospheric effects like wind, mist and smells, you’ll feel like you’re flying through the air, crossing dikes and braving storms. More information about This is Holland can be found here.

For this very unique project, we were involved in creating numerous effects, such as a full CG (planet) Earth, intricate shot transitions, added CG elements, a fully 3D generated KLM Dreamliner and a frightening tempest above the North Sea.

This is Holland Experience in Amsterdam - North
Flight experience over Holland's must-sees