Planet X FX

music video “That man”

David Scheurs had a bright idea for the video 'That Man': a video that consisted out of references to titles from the 1950s and '60s. Director Maikel van der Laken and Will Productions asked Planet X to assist in the execution of the video.

This video would also be the start of the collaboration with typographer/art director Donald Roos and Planet X (now, this collaboration has become a special department: Planet X Title Design).

In the video, Caro gets lost in a graphic world with a vintage look and feel, looking for ‘That Man’. Maikel had an extensive storyboard combined with reference material of titles sequences.Before the realization, we did extensive research into titles. The countless original designs from the 1950s and ’60s, especially of Saul Bass, we have been able to translate into a consistent world for' That Man '. Thus, the clip also became an homage to the work of Saul Bass, with both hidden and clear references everywhere. Meanwhile, on YouTube clip has been watched over 5,000,000 times!

Music Video “That Man”
Storyboard sketches by Maikel van der Laken
Shoot of the stair scene
music video “The Ghost of you”

The EP ‘Emerald Island’ contains six new songs including 'The Ghost of You'. The song is a dark tango, in which Caro sings about the man who is only present as a ghost.

While making plans for the music video there was an additional challenge. At that moment Caro was pregnant. However, restrictions make it creative and we decided to film Caro only as a portrait and just move the environment.

Music video “The Ghost of You”
inspiration and process

As a source of inspiration, we took early film and photography. Due to the long shutter speed, models often had to sit down for a long time. As a result, their gaze alienated, giving the portraits a hauntingly beautiful look. Then we designed some Victorian-style rooms that remind of early movie decors. The camera is wandering through the rooms and finds a portrait of Caro on the wall. The camera passes through Caro's portrait and goes into the next room. To emphasize the raree-show feel, motion graphics artist Roel Meijering created a 3D world using only 2D elements.



First animatic
The Emerald Island Tour (2017)

In 2017 the emerald island emerged from EP. Here, Caro hit the path of Exotica music. Raphael Bartels designed the artwork, which we then used as the basis for designing and animating a whole new series of background projections. Based on these animations, we also developed a teaser that was used on social media to give fame to the new tour.

Reel of all Show Graphics
Royal Albert Hall, photo Jason Ng