Planet X FX

Vipers Nest
Vipers nest (Gooische vrouwen)

At the end of the film ‘Gooische Vrouwen’, the character Martin Morero performs in the Amsterdam Arena. Initially the shots for this scene were made without an audience in the stands. At a later time, during a real event, shots were made of the audience from the same camera angles.

We merged the separate shots of the public and Martin Morero and made them into a seamless and convincing whole. Aside from filling the empty stands, people were placed in the foreground by means of a small chroma-key shoot in order to create the necessary depth.

Performance shot without audience and the final result with audience added
vipers nest 2 (Gooische vrouwen 2)

For the scenes that take place in the future in 'Gooische Vrouwen 2', we took care of various elements such as holograms, digital documents, and integrated TV screens. The elements had to fit seamlessly into this new reality, without having the feel of being overly futuristic. To reach this we did some tests and created a previz with futuristic interfaces (go to our r&d page).

We were also responsible for the effects in the scene in which the character Roelien flies a hang glider in the Austrian mountains. The shots were filmed against a bluescreen and combined with material filmed in Austria in post-production.

Gooische Vrouwen 2 vfx breakdown