Planet X FX

We had the pleasure of working on a diverse range of shots for 'Sea of Time' which is set in the 80s.
Find our full vfx breakdown below.


One of the most exciting challenges was to capture the authenticity of the era. For a scene on the Dam Square we meticulously re-created the square in 3D, referencing old photographs. The square's layout had a big redevelopment in 2001, so we did some extensive research to bring it back to life, complete with bustling traffic and street furniture that accurately reflected the time.

The Dam Square before and after
During the many scenes that took place on the sailboat, the coastal backdrop of Malta was showing. We had the task of removing the existing boats and coastline from the shots. By doing so, we were able to create a visual of a lone boat sailing in an infinite ocean.

Another challenge we faced was creating a seamless transition in a continuous drone shot, connecting two distinct locations. The initial house seen in the shot was nowhere near the beach in the latter half. Using advanced technology, we matchmoved the first part of the shot, allowing the drone operator to capture a close match in the second part. We then reprojected the second shot into the first, resulting in an uninterrupted, smooth transition from the first shot to the second.