Planet X FX

Outdoor advertising and historical signage

To create a lively and rich backdrop for the historical cityscape, extensive research was done toward the design and placement of outdoor advertisement and signs. Contrary to what one would expect, researching archival footage learned that almost every inch of available space was used for outdoor advertising and the use of other signage. Planet X redesigned countless digital elements to place unto the facades of the 3d city model.

Outdoor advertisement and historical signage
Creating Amsterdam Central Station around 1888

Type Budapest-Kaleti trainstation was opened in 1884 and designed in eclectic style. The main hall matches Amsterdam Centraal Station both in its layout and incidence of light. Because many scenes were shot in Budapest and the film's production could actually have an authentic steam engine entering the station, Kaleti formed the basis for a shot in which we see Vedder's nephew arrive by train. The angular roof in the shot was replaced by the typical arched dome of Amsterdam Central Station. Direction signs and other elements were, mostly with the help of The Railway Station, replaced or modified to match the historical setting around 1888.

Budapest-Kaleti trainstation as shot in 2015, used as the basis for Amsterdam Central Station 1888 as seen on the right