Planet X FX

‘Pizza Maffia’ tells the story of Ibrahim and his cousin Illias. They are known as Bram and Haas (hare), the fastest pizza delivery boys at Novara, the pizzeria owned by Bram’s father. Every evening they race through the city on their scooters and pull the most dangerous stunts to be the first to get to their clients. After a serious argument between Bram’s father and his brother Faris, Illias’s father, Faris, begins his own pizzeria on the opposite side of the square. A pizza war ensues. Everyone and everything imaginable gets involved in this war.

Planet X FX created the title sequence and was responsible for the spectacular scooter crash in the opening scene of the film in which the character Haas is launched in the direction of the camera. In addition, diverse stunts were enhanced. There are about 80 visual effects shots in the film.