Planet X FX

Opening Titles

Doris is lovable, funny but also clumsy. We used these character treats in the design of the title sequence. We selected the Kurversbrug typeface, which is a digital redesign of the famous Amsterdam Bridges Letter (designed by Anton Kurvers around 1930). The clumsy but cheerful shapes of the letters connect well with the character of Doris. The story takes place mainly in Amsterdam, which made the use of this typeface all the more logical.

All the credits in the title sequence are animated in such a way that they interact in a funny way with the shots. Like Doris, they are a little clumsy and funny at the same time.

On almost every bridge in Amsterdam you will find these white-painted letters of steel. These are the "Amsterdam Bridge Letters", designed by Anton Kurvers, around 1930 at the time of the Amsterdam School.

The original design of the Bridge Letters by Kurvers

End Credits

The design of the titles was very well translated to the poster and other printed promotional outputs. This is a good example of how consistent design can enhance the visual identity and thus the marketing of the film.