Planet X FX

The Perfect Prey
Leader “The Perfect Prey”

Based on the bestseller by Jeroen Smit, ‘De Prooi’ ('The Perfect Prey') tells the story of the rise and fall of banker Rijkman Groenink (played by Pierre Bokma in an award-winning performance) and the fall of the ABN Amro Bank. Planet X took care of the series’ leader.

Rijkman Groenink is on the hunt for a deer in a surreal, limbo-like world, vaguely resembling a dealing room. Because it was productionwise impossible to work with a real deer, we choose to create a 3D version of a deer with va ery specific, graphical style. This abstract context allowed us to create all the actions and shots we needed.

The original concept of the leader was enhanced during storyboarding by introducing a reference to the famous legend of Saint Hubertus. As Hubertus encounters a crucifix between the deers' antlers as a warning for his hunt on Good Friday, Groenink in turn witnesses the bank's logo suddenly appearing on one of the big screens behind the animal antlers.

Planet X Title Design worked together with 3D animation studio Happy Ship who created both the 3D deer and dealing room environment and with storyboard artist Joscha van Deijk.

Storyboard stills