Planet X FX

In the beginning of 2017, the first season of psychological thriller was broadcasted on Dutch television. In this tv-series by scriptwriter and director Frank Ketelaar, a high official at the IRS and an ex-criminal get stuck in each other lives, due to the friendship between their two daughters. We developed the leader for this tv-series.

Frank Ketelaar challenged us to come up something new. We came up with the idea of ​​literally set the leader stuck 'within' the recap. Instead of first showing the recap and then the leader, we cut both in separate pieces and placed the title cards in between clips of the recap.

Blood Pack leader

In the title cards we see the characters getting stuck by parts of the letterforms of the main title. To connect all the cards again, we hide noticeable -and less noticeable- scorpion and lion symbols in the cards. The scorpion refers to Marius, the ex-criminal, who has a tattoo of a scorpion in his neck. The lion comes from the Dutch government's logo, which refers to Hugo's job for the tax authorities. The 'character' of both a scorpion and a lion appears to be well suited to their human counterparts. In their own way, both protect their families.

first sketches
graphical “storyboard” as reference during the shoot
shooting actor Jacob Derwig
Close up of the elements