Planet X FX

Betrayal vfx breakdown
Our important visual effects contributions for the series are the sequences in moving cars. These were shot in a green screen studio but had to look as though they were filmed on a real highway. We helped develop a rig (build by Gripwise) on which several cameras were mounted so that they could film a panoramic sequence of the background.

Every studio shot could be matched to an appropriate background angle to produce a realistic result.

Next to that we adjusted or replaced elements such as building exteriors and designed and animated numerous screens showing hacking activity of character Alex Eckhardt that were shot on set.

One of the more elaborate VFX scenes includes a collision between a car and a biker. The shot was broken up into multiple passes and combined afterwards. First, the biker did his run, passing the crossing and continuing without any interruption while the camera followed along. In a separate pass, both biker and camera were re-aligned on the exact same spot they should be on impact with the car, but now in a locked off situation. The biker was pulled by a rig and fell unto a stunt mat. In a separate pass, the car came in at great speed and braked for the imaginary biker. All passes were collected and merged together to create the illusion the camera follows the biker and is hit on the crossing in one continuous shot.