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ReadySet Studios is an Amsterdam-based Virtual Production studio specialising in feature, episodic and commercial workflows.

Planet X Technologies, a division of Planet X specializing in film-related software and tools, is one of the co-founders of the studio and brings its extensive knowledge of 'traditional' VFX workflows and content creation, enhanced by the recent developments of real-time render engines, to the realm of in-camera visual effects (ICVFX).

ReadySet’s virtual production stage in Amsterdam facilitates a 14 x 5.5 meter curved, state of the art L.E.D. wall. Anything can be displayed on the wall, from photos and pre-shot 2D content to elaborate, real-time 3D scenes from a game engine.

‘Virtual Production’ is a collective term to describe the process where the physical and digital world meets. In our case we are referring to the playback and display of content on an L.E.D. wall, allowing filmmakers to see their (extended) virtual sets directly in-camera. Another term for this type of VP is therefore known as ‘in-camera VFX’, so VFX that are ready on the set and don’t need to be created during post-production. The abbreviation of in-camera VFX is sometimes shown as ‘ICVFX’.

The use of in-camera VFX demands a different approach to workflows used in ‘traditional’ filmmaking: decisions that could previously be made at a later stage (during production or even post-production), have to move forward to pre-production in order to be ready when the shoot (in the VP-studio) starts. A more intensive collaboration between all the creative departments is required to get to ‘final pixel’ results on set.

ReadySet Studios, through the support and guidance of Planet X Technologies, is committed to service and support content creators for their VP studio to the fullest extent. In short: ReadySet welcomes any content creator to come use its VP stage, essentially inviting the entire market of the Netherlands – and abroad – to join in its effort to lift the industry to the next level.

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