Planet X FX

Planet X Cinema

Technical specifications

Barco DP2K-12C
DCI compliant
2K Resolution (2048 x 1080 native / 2048 x 858 scope / 1998 x 1080 flat)
9,500 lumens
2000:1 contrast ratio
2D content only
for full projector specs, please click here

2.35 aspect ratio (all aspects can be projected)
Screen width: 500 cm
Screen height: 213 cm

Dolby 7.1, 5.1 and stereo for DCP
Dolby Atmos (11.1) for other media (not DCP!)
Total of 16 speakers

Playback options
DCP (2K; or 4K downscaled)
Blu-ray & DVD
Windows 10 workstation
Additional HDMI connectors for laptops
and other peripherals

Room specifications & seating
18 cinema seats (3 rows of 6 seats)
3-5 seats (office chairs) behind desk
Room width: 5.5 m
Room depth: 8.5 m

Additional facilities
Lectern for presentations with a controllable spotlight on the speaker.
Our whole studio is equipped with air conditioning.

For inquiry
+31 20 468 25 28