Planet X FX

thank you for meeting us at the berlinale!

We are Planet X, a creative visual effects studio in Amsterdam, The Netherlands with a separate company specialised in title design and GFX work.

We are currently the only specialised VFX studio (at least of this scale) in The Netherlands that focuses solely on the whole (creative) (IC) VFX process from start to finish. We are also co-founders of Virtual Production Studio ReadySet Studios.

Have a look around on this page for some of our highlighted work, and see much more on our website!

For an overview of all our vfx breakdowns, click here.

Please click to get a sense of the studio and team, including the office dogs! ;)

We have a ‘fixed team' of around 25 people at the moment and quick access to local talent pools of different artist types that we can reach out to on a per show basis (and who work within our pipeline).
We primarily use Nuke and Houdini and to a lesser extend After Effects and Blender. VP/ICVFX is Houdini- Unreal based. Rendering is managed through Deadline and we have very fast and stable fibre connections (as is common in Amsterdam) for (FTP) file exchange, etc.