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Bon Bini Holland is the comedic feature debut by director Jelle de Jonge. The lead roles are played by Jandino Asporaat, who plays five characters, and Liliana de Vries. Bon Bini Holland is a production of Kaap Holland Film and was released on December 10, 2015. The feature contains 82 visual effects shots.

Bon Bini Holland tells the story of the cheeky, but charming con man Robertico Florentina (Jandino Asporaat) who makes his money with Bon Bini Bungalows; a so-called agency that accommodates tourists in holiday homes without the owner's knowledge of this. Due to problems, he flees to his aunt Judeska (also Asporaat) in the Netherlands. There he finds a solution to his money worries, but love is also lurking.