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"We’ve got some exciting news…"

In December 2017, we started looking for a new space. Our current offices in the east of Amsterdam, situated in a century-old monumental bell tower has been a fantastic and inspirational location, but we’ve outgrown its confined space and what it can facilitate us in the years to come. The first nail of our new, 400m2 facility has been hammered on November 27th, 2018. By early spring 2019 we have moved to Cruquiuseiland.

This page with vlog mini series give a glimpse of our moving, designing and construction process!

Our previous offices are located in a century-old monumental bell tower at the Timorplein (Timor Square) in the East of Amsterdam. Originally, the building served as a polytechnic school up until the late 90’s. We were one of the first tenants to move here in 2007 when the building became available as a hub for starting companies.
Cruquiuseiland in the Eastern port of Amsterdam will transform from an industrial area into a mixed urban quarter for living and working.

Planet X on the move announcement trailer

Studio highlights

18+ seat cinema
VR studio
20+ seat artist space
11 seat meeting room
2nd smaller viewing room
4 parking spots
22 mins. drive from the airport
and much more...

Announcement trailer Planet X has moved

More space for the artists, a larger viewing theatre to review our VFX work, a VR studio and a decent meeting room; all were on the wish list. On top of that, our philosophy of what ‘creative visual effects’ should entail has matured as well in the last few years.

Our emphasis has been increasingly more on the design-side of visual effects and the way we structure the process ‘from script to screen' towards our clients. We distinguish several different processes within the entire workflow and sought ways to reflect this in the architecture and layout of the space. Simple, yet powerful concepts such as looking for ways the client never needs to go to the first floor, has been part of this strategy.

Mini vlog series

Episode 1 of our 'vlog mini series'

In our first vlog on the creation of our new studio, we visit the new location for the first time and celebrate the key exchange with the team.

Episode 2 of our 'vlog mini series'

The new studio is slowly taking shape through drawings, 3D layout and virtual VR visits. Construction started in November 2018.

Episode 3 of our 'vlog mini series'

In this vlog, we focus on the design of our new screening room and its tailor-made furniture.

The development of our virtual (pre-)production platform ‘DeepSpace’ (using VR) needs literal space to grow. Planet X Title Design has started as a new and separate company. We’re getting increasingly involved in European and international productions and want to be ready.

Episode 4 of our 'vlog mini series'

Construction is well on its way and, among other things, the glass walls are now in place!

Episode 5 of our 'vlog mini series'

We're nearing the end of the construction phase; walls are being painted and spaces are prepared for flooring.

Episode 6 of our 'vlog mini series'

In this episode, we move into our new studio.

Enjoy the final episode of our 'vlog mini series'

We left our old, gorgeous studio behind and set up shop a few minutes more eastward. Some finishing touches and final tweaks ensured the new studio was up and running from the get-go.

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