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  • Director
    Nicole van Kilsdonk
  • Release
  • Producer
    Waterland Film
    Silver Junkie, Tino Biddeloo
  • Animation & compositing
    Dennis Kleyn, NVX
  • Graphic design & typography
    Donald Roos
  • Director of photography
    Richard van Oosterhout
  • Editor
    Dieter Diependael

Masha is in an overwhelming relationship with Luuk, father of two and divorced. Nothing seems to stand in their way until Luuk becomes incurably ill.

For the opening titles, Nicole van Kilsdonk and DOP Richard van Oosterhout made close-up shots of unfolding butterflies. The close-up shots bring the viewer to the first scene in the butterfly garden.

We linked the movement of the drowning butterflies to the typography of the titles. As fragile as the butterflies are when they just pop up, so is the love between Mascha and Luuk.